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10 good reasons to eat apples

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1. The apple regulates intestinal transit problems The apple is a fruit rich in fiber, which facilitate intestinal transit and reduce the risk of constipation. For this, it must be eaten raw with the skin. In case of diarrhea, however, peel your apple. It will then have a radical effect. The pectin it contains is a soluble fiber that can hold up to 20 times its volume of water.
2. The apple reduces the risk of cancer The apple is also an ally against cancer. It contains high levels of catechins and quercetin, antioxidants that work against the proliferation of cancer cells. These antioxidants are found mainly in the skin, so consider buying organic apples or wash them well before consuming them.
3. The apple is fighting the bad cholesterol Apples are able to significantly reduce bad cholesterol levels and slightly increase good cholesterol levels. It is thanks to pectin that apples prevent fat from clumping in the arteries. Squeezing the apple into juice would help fight bad cholesterol even more effectively.
4. The apple is a thin ally The apple would also be recommended for all people looking to lose weight. She is indeed an excellent appetite suppressant. Eating two apples a day would therefore allow you to lose weight. The feeling of satiety it provides reduces nibbling and our appetite during meals.
5. The apple reduces the risk of diabetes Eating apples would also be helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes. Fibers, like pectin, slow down the penetration of sugars into the blood and thus stabilize blood sugar levels. According to the results of an American study, eating an apple a day reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 28%.
6. The apple is good for the bones Several studies have shown that consuming antioxidant-rich fruits, such as apples, leads to increased bone mass and bone strength. In general, fruit consumption leads to better bone mineral density.
7. The apple makes you sleep better Eating apples makes our nights more peaceful. Because it is rich in phosphorus, the apple prevents sleep problems such as insomnia. It also fights against anxiety and promotes relaxation. Eating an apple before bed is recommended.
8. The apple reduces the risk of stroke According to a study conducted by Dutch researchers and published in Stroke, the Journal of the American Heart Association, consuming regular pears and apples can reduce by 52% the risk of stroke (stroke). One apple a day would be enough to prevent stroke effectively.
9. The apple reduces the risk of neurodegenerative disease The apple is also recommended for good brain health because it contains an antioxidant, quercetin, which effectively protects the brain cells. It also helps maintain good memory and prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzeihmer or Parkison.
10. The apple is excellent for oral health The apple is finally essential to maintain good oral hygiene. It promotes the production of saliva. But saliva protects the teeth of bacteria and helps fight against the development of caries.

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