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Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is grown and eaten in almost every region of the world because of its taste, of course, but also the myriad of benefits it is found in abundance in Chinese cuisine or that of the perimeter of the Mediterranean basin. 
The bulb of garlic consists of several cloves wrapped in a parchment-shaped tunic. usually about 5 cm high and as wide.

The nutritional benefits of garlic

Garlic is an excellent source of vitamins A, B and C. 
It is rich in manganese, phosphorus, calcium, copper, potassium, iron and copper 

It also contains amino acids, essential oils, glycosides, and there are traces of germanium, selenium and tellurium. Garlic contains, like the onion, the leek, chive and shallot, some phytonutrients with antioxidant properties.It has a total of twelve types of antioxidants. 
It is one of those superfoods that cooking does not lose its medicinal properties. can be consumed in a raw vegetable juice.

The therapeutic virtues of garlic juice

The health benefits presented by garlic revolve around its antimicrobial properties Garlic is effective not only against bacteria, but also fungi, intestinal parasites, viruses, certain fungal infections, etc. It acts as a natural antibiotic and stimulates immunity.Its antioxidant properties make it more an ally to prevent damage caused in the body by free radicals. must consume garlic at two to three pods a day to benefit from its benefits.

Helps prevent cancer

Garlic has anti-cancer properties that make it a good ally to reduce the risk of developing certain cancers such as those affecting the stomach and colon.

Helps to prevent colds

If you feel a cold come, take one or two cloves of garlic to fight it, then eat garlic if the cold is already in place. garlic actually relieves congestion and promotes a quick cure.

Contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Garlic juice contributes significantly to reducing the oxidation of blood cholesterol, the formation of atheroma plaque, and therefore the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Helps regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes

Taking one clove of garlic a day helps lower blood sugar levels.

Helps to treat encephalitis

Garlic, taken in large doses - under medical observation of course - is known to help heal some forms of encephalitis.

Helps treat fungal infections

Consumption of raw garlic juice is effective in treating fungal infections such as athlete's foot or certain ear infections. Garlic juice can also be applied locally for soothe an itch.

Helps fight high blood pressure

By helping clean the arteries of their deposits, garlic helps regulate blood pressure.

Helps prevent some peptic ulcers

Garlic is effective in preventing a bacterial infection that causes many peptic ulcers.

Helps cleanse the body

The sulfur compounds in garlic help to detoxify the blood, get rid of lead and other heavy metals.

Helps relieve bloating

Even when taken in small amounts, garlic can help relieve people who are prone to bloating.

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