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Nothing is more frustrating for a woman than to feel her desire going up, going up, and going up, then suddenly, "blunder", finito, He came too quickly! At the time, we must admit that we want him a little ... And yet, in most cases (i.e. if we take away all the fools who think only of their own pleasure), men also experience this situation with frustration ("It was so good! I wish it had lasted longer") ... and often shame and guilt ("I would have liked to make you come too ...").

For this last point, there are many "ways" that will allow you to make love longer and thus offer multiple orgasms to your partner.
First question to ask yourself: are you sure you don't last long enough? Has your partner ever made a comment to you about this? Do you know how to make her come often? Why do you feel like you don't last long enough? Here are the questions you need to ask yourself first. As a reminder, we speak of premature ejaculation when it occurs less than 2 minutes before penetration, and an "average" coitus lasts about 7 minutes. Also be aware that a woman will always prefer a man who ejaculates "too fast" (without going as far as premature ejaculation), rather than a man who persists for two hours without coming (it is very annoying). Preliminaries and sensual caresses are a good way to decanalize the sexual energy accumulated in the penis and diffuse it through the body. It is recommended to avoid stimulating the primary erogenous zones, that is to say the genital zones, at the start of foreplay, so as not to increase sexual excitement too quickly. Promote sensuality rather than sexuality!
We offer natural products that allows you to last as long as possible in bed                         Ingredients -Zingiber officinale dried (dried ginger) -Syzygium aromaticum (Clove) -Curcuma longa (turmeric in French)                         Preparation Look for 1/4 K of dried ginger and 1/4 K of cloves and 1/4 K of turmeric (or proportional measures) crush its three ingredients to have a fine powder                        How to use it Take a large spoonful of this powder in porridge or put in lukewarm water with a little honey and lemon juice This take this tea morning and evening

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