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Tips and Uses of Papaya


It is a plant native to Central America introduced and cultivated around villages and in African gardens.The medicinal uses of Papaya are varied, but we can distinguish three main properties: anti-icteric (all parts of the plant: leaves, fruits and barks), deworming (fruit latex), diuretics (roots and leaves) For jaundice, a treatment in Senegal involves boiling a green fruit cooked with chicken and adding roots Tinospora bakis is an unappetizing drug that is effective for eating out.


It is a small fruit tree up to 2 to 10 meters high with straight bole, the leaves are grouped towards the top, all parts of the plant contain latex, the papaya is mostly dioecious and the fruit is fleshy. is an ovoid berry, of varying size, shape and color according to the variety.It is to be noted that the tree being dioecious, we do not know by planting the seeds if we are going to have a female or male tree. If the fruits seem scarce, it is usual to split machetes transversely downwards and on the sun side to the trunk of the tree.This makes it possible to transform a male and sterile tree into a fruiting tree.


The trunk bark used in Cameroon in jaundice has been studied in detail.An extract has been tested on animals in a jaundiced state caused by saponosides.The clearance was twice as fast Carica papaya extract The substances responsible for this action seem to be sugars, in particular xylitol, which increases the resistance of red blood cells to hemolysis.This experience confirms the use in traditional medicine. The proteolytic enzyme papain contained in the latex of the plant has been used for a very long time in the treatment of helminthiases, parasites especially pinworms and trickephales are proteolyzed and killed, then they must be eliminated with a laxative.



Cook a green fruit or 10 g of root bark with chicken and take it as a meal.


To get rid of pinworms, roundworms and roundworms, take 4 to 8 grams of fresh latex for children and double for adults, then take a laxative to eliminate worms.

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