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Consuming balanced diet food is a source of gaining or losing weight.
Balanced diet is a diet containing the right amount of all the six classes of food substance such as Carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins and water.
In terms of the percentage composition of all the six classes of food substances, balanced diet must contain at least;
  • 15% of protein
  • 15% of fat and oils
  • 10% of vitamins
  • 10% of minerals and water
  • 60% of carbohydrates
For normal growth of animals, development and all activities of the body, the diet must be taken accurately.
                        Importance of balanced diet
  • It provide energy required for normal activities in the body system.
  • It helps to prevent malnutrition or diseases.
  • It's important for growth and normal development of the body.
  • It makes body healthy and resistance to diseases.
Note; lack of protein in children could lead to kwashiorkor.
            Symptoms of kwashiorkor
  • Big head
  • Very slender
  • Narrow legs
  • Swollen and shiny stomach
  • Flat buttock
  • Narrow neck
Digestive enzymes; it is one of the most important roles for gaining or losing weight.
 An enzymes is an organic catalyst usually proteinous in nature, which promotes chemical changes in an organisms.
 Enzymes helps in increase metabolic reactions without any changing in their composition process.
          Importance of digestive enzymes
  • It helps in breaking down of carbohydrates into glucose, galactose and fructose.
  • It helps in breaking down of fat and oils into glycerol and fatty acids.
  • Enzymes helps in breaking down protein into amino acids, which is the end point of digestive foods.
     Some of the enzymes are;
  • Ptyalin: found in mouth. It function is to hydrolyse of starch to maltose
  • Renin: found in stomach. It coagulates milk
  • Pepsin: found in stomach. Which convert protein to peptones, the second stage of digestive protein
  • Pancreatic lipase: found in duodenum. It convert fats and oils to fatty acids and glycerol
  • Erepsin: found in small intestine. Converts polypeptide to amino acids
  • Amylase: found in duodenum. Converts starch to maltose.
Here are some diet that can makes you loss or gain weight:

1 - Bananas Fruit juices and smoothies are best served in the morning or as an afternoon snack to provide you with the vitamins and energy needed for the day. The fruits are naturally sweet. Do not hesitate to mix a banana with a pear and a lemon in the morning, all mixed with plain yogurt, according to your tastes. Among the other fruits to consume: mango, cherries, grapes ... 2 - Corn To gain weight, eat starchy foods or naturally sweet foods such as potatoes, carrots, corn, beets or peas. On the other hand, avoid vegetables full of water such as cucumbers, zucchini or broccoli ... 3 - Chicken It is essential to consume protein in order to maintain your muscle mass. Include tuna, turkey, chicken, fish and eggs in your diet. 4 - Guacamole As an aperitif or as a starter, do not hesitate to spread a little guacamole on a piece of bread, or as an accompaniment to your white meat. You can also treat yourself with cheese spread, hummus and crème fraîche. 5 - Olive oil Cooking by adding a little olive oil to your dishes will allow you to provide the carbohydrates necessary to consume a few more calories. Olive oil, rapeseed oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil are therefore to have in your cupboards. Rich in Omega 3 and 6, they provide essential fatty acids. 6 - Bread Can also be used for gaining weight. To consume at breakfast, or to accompany your meal, the bread is perfect for gaining a few pounds, especially if you spread it with butter or spreads.

7 - Dried fruits
In case of appetites, do not hesitate to consume dried fruits such as grapes, almonds, nuts or hazelnuts. 8 - Cereal bars In the morning or as an afternoon snack, the cereal bars are perfect for those who do not have time to eat or who are not particularly hungry. In individual portions, they can be taken everywhere with you. Also, if you want to gain weight, you ideally need three meals a day and two snacks, in the morning and the afternoon. 9 - The cheeses Rich in calories, cheeses will allow you to gain some weight faster. You will be able to enjoy yourself by accompanying a slice of Camembert on bread. 10 - Mayonnaise Treat yourself with a spoonful of mayonnaise or tartar sauce. Rich in calories, they will allow you to gain a few pounds.

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