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This fruit originating in Mexico, is rather rich in fat, but it has many benefits for our health.
Avocado is also grown for its fruits in the tropics and subtropics Israel, Spain, South Africa.
             Description of the plant
 several parts of the avocado So, the leaves and the bark cure the digestive disorders and cough Its fruit (the avocado) also has many medicinal virtues. 
  Digestion is the breaking down of large molecules i.e food" into a simple and absorbable form for use by animals. The breaking down of large molecules mostly especially in human, start from the month with the help of enzymes called ptyalin. The function of ptyalin is to break down large molecules of starch into maltose.
  At the end of digestion in the duodenum the food now in liquid form called chyle passes to the ileum. Note; digestive system takes place in the small intestine. 
  Lack of digestive result to digestive disorder which leads to some disease such as cancer, Gallstones, 

           Symptoms of digestive disorder
    In Guatemala, for example, the pulp, believed to promote hair growth, is also prescribed as a dewormer and against diarrhoea.

Extracts of the avocado leaf stop the proliferation of the herpes virus, responsible for painful vesicular eruptions.

               Stimulates menstrual flow
  The bark Leaves and bark of young stems stimulate menstruation and can interrupt pregnancy Leaves treat diarrhea, bloating, liver occlusions and calm coughs They lower the rate of acid unque, responsible for the gout

Here are 10 good reasons to invite in eaten Avocado: Fiber for digestion
If your digestion is sometimes a little complicated, i.e if you're experience constipation (digestive disorder), eating of avocado some fibra to strengthen your hormones. Avocado contains an average of 7% fiber, which facilitates the intestinal transit!

Brain functions An excellent hunger cuts in addition to its digestive virtues, avocado has another quality: the fatty acids it contains quickly give the brain of the one who eats the signal of satiety.

To lower cholesterol
The avocado acts on the cholesterol rate in two distinct ways.
1. it contains phytosterols that reduce the LDL, called bad cholesterol.
2. it also contains oleic acid that increases the good cholesterol, HDL.

Lovat has a heart avocado is fat
it's obvious. Except that the fat that it contains are unsaturated fatty acids, which are excellent for the cardiovascular system.
The avocado as good as the carrots,
We know, the avocado repurmented to be good for the sight. It also contains carotenoids, in this case, lutein.

Here are some of health Benefits of eating carrots
  • Promote eye health
  • For hair growth
  • Weight loss
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Boost of immune system
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Treatment of diabetes
The full of vitamins C and E
The avocado contains many vitamins, including vitamins C and E, and other vitamins that are often missing in our diet. Also vitamin A
that Contract Awook positively impacts blood sugar. It is a food advised to diabetics, especially.
Anti-cancer virtues
Some studies claim that avocado some has anti-cancer preventive virtues, including prostate cancer. But that does not stay proved. No study does not affirm the opposite, it is the essential.
magnesium in quantity
The avocado also contains magnesium and potassium, in addition to other vitamins. Excellent for pregnant women who suffer from vitaminic deficiencies!
A natural anti-inflamatory
The anti-oxidizing virtues of the avocado are indicated to contain or reduce inflammations, especially those of the endometrium, during the rules.

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