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10 Health Benefits of Onions


Crush the onion and put it in a compress to apply on the abscess.This compresses it to ripen

Health Benefits of onions


Raw onion cures 

The onion has a soothing and invigorating effect on the nerves Helps the organs that make red blood cells to make healthy cells and avoid them alterations of the leucocyte balance.


Boil in water for 10 minutes 2 to 3 tablespoons chopped onion. 
Take one cup in the morning on an empty stomach and another in the evening (sugar, honey).

Azotemia or Uremia

By its purifying and purifying role, the onion is an excellent adjuvant in the treatment of excess urea. 
- Raw onion juice cures for a week .


On a burn, apply crushed and salted onion.


Crush the leaves of the plant 'Yra' scientific name Clausena anisata (Rutaceae) with those of the onion and instill it in the nostrils.

Hair loss

Mix onion, salt and pepper well crushed with shea butter and pass through the hair


Boil a chopped onion for 10 to 15 minutes in honey-sweetened water and drink a glass, 2 times a day


Boil 2 large onions or 3 mediums in one liter of water for ten minutes and let infuse a quarter of an hour.Put with expression and sweeten with honey.Take a beer glass 3 times by fasting day.

Diarrhea infants

To infuse, for 2 hours, 3 tablespoons chopped onion in a half liter of boiling water and to sweeten with honey.

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