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Best Natural Remedies for fast cold and flu symptoms

Flu and cold symptoms

There are several natural alternatives drugs to get rid of flu quickly. Among the most effective natural remedies, we have:
1. The infusion of ginger, an excellent natural remedy. Ginger is known for its toning properties. It helps to boost your immune system, which has been quite weakened by the flu virus. It also helps relieve congestion, but also relieves the feeling of stiffness caused by influenza.
Preparation To prepare your ginger infusion, you will need a fresh ginger root. Cut into a slice and simmer on low heat, with a little water for about thirty minutes (30m). Then filter everything before drinking. You can also make this infusion with powder, but the result is a little less effective.
Tips - Sweeten your infusion with honey. Not only for the taste, but also to enhance its properties. - Add lemon. Combine lemon and ginger with many virtues.
"More information about flu" 2. Cinnamon tea with honey Cinnamon is not only a natural painkiller, but it also has antibacterial and disinfecting properties. Honey, meanwhile, is known for its antimicrobial and toning virtues. Consumed together, the duo can quickly mitigate the effects of the flu.
Preparation To prepare your herbal tea, it's simple: add a spoonful of cinnamon powder in a cup of boiling water. Let infuse ten minutes, filter, then sweeten with a spoonful of thyme honey. The ideal is to drink the mixture while it is hot.
3. The squeezed lemon Lemon is a fruit extremely rich in vitamin C, known to boost the immune system. Natural lemon juice also has powerful antiseptic properties that help lower fever, but also combat other symptoms of the flu, such as body aches ... To get the most out of your lemon juice, drink it hot, mixed with simmering water and thyme honey. You will see that the benefits will not be long in coming.
4. Eucalyptus essential oil, the most effective natural grandmother's remedy against the flu Eucalyptus essential oil has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antitussive properties. It is indeed one of the best natural anti-inflammatories. As such, it is an extremely effective natural remedy for combating various ENT infections, especially influenza. To benefit from its benefits, several posologies are possible: - You can for example pour a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief. Breathe this tissue several times during the day. - Another method is to inhale the essential oil vapor. To do this: pour a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil into a bowl of boiling water. Then inhale the steam released by the mixture, head under a towel and bend over the bowl.

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