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Coronavirus latest update; Matt Hancock raises hopes of foreign summer holidays despite quarantine

Matt Hancock

​   Matt Hancock has raised hopes of a foreign summer holiday for Britons despite the Government's quarantine policy but urged 'caution' over a second wave of COVID-19'.

The Health Secretary said he (really hope(s) people are going to be able to fly to go on summer holiday but we've got to take an approach that starts with caution).

  We're bringing in the quarantine policy again because as the number of new infections comes down so the proportion of infections that come from abroad increases simply because the number of new infections domestically is coming right down. He told Sky's Sophy Ridge on Sunday'.

New rules that come into force tomorrow will ask travellers to the UK to isolate for 14 days or risk an £1000 fine'.

Mr Hancock dismissed claims in this morning's newspapers that the R rate of infection has tipped over one in some areas in the UK, insisting that it remains between 0.7 and 0.9'.

Hancock says Government isn't inflating testing figures:

  Matt Hancock has dismissed as not true comments by the UK statistics authority that testing figures are designed to show the largest possible number of tests'.

Sir David Norgrove UK Statistics Authority chairman said last week: (The aim seems to be to show the largest possible number of tests even at the expense of understanding).

Asked about the comment Mr Hancock told Andrew Marr: (The thing about it is that it is not true. There are other ways that you could measure testing to give much higher figures and we chose not to'.

 What we chose advised by my permanent secretary are the most accurate ways to show the testing that the Government is doing which is the number of tests either directly administered or sent out'.

 He was unable to give the latest figures for the number of people tested as opposed to the number of tests'.


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