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COVID-19: An essay writing on Coronavirus

  An essay is typically a short piece of writing outlining the writer's perspective or story. It is a written composition of moderate length, exploring a particular issue or subject.
      Types of Essays
There are four basic types of Essays in English language which includes:
  • Description essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Expository essay
    Each one of these has peculiarities of styles. In spite of this, the style of one might overlap with that of others. For example when narrating events, one cannot help but use description of people, places and events similarly, the elements of narrating come into some expository writing. 

We shall only discuss about the Expository essay.
   Expository essay is a type of writing includes: definitions, explanation of ideas and giving of information. It is usually concerned with passing of information as precisely as possible.

  Writing an essay on Coronavirus, we should consider to use and follow the rules of Expository essay. Which will enable us to give information about the pandemic disease and more explanation about the viral disease.
 Consider the model of below expository essay:

  Coronavirus is a type of viral disease which attacks human respiratory organ(lungs), and affect the immune system of animals by causing damage, destroy the cells body from functioning after it's penetrate to the cell and release the nucleic acid.
  The nucleic acid release by the virus, or any viral diseases can either be DNA or RNA. In animals, DNA is found at the gene which helps in heredity. i.e the transmission and expression of characters or traits in organisms from parents to the offspring. While RNA servers as messager. i.e how and the process of traits transmit from parents to the offspring.
  And this nucleic acid is protected by protein called capsid
   How the viral disease attacks human, after the penetration of the virus to human body, it's destroy the leucocytes. Leucocytes is of two types: phagocytes and lymphocytes . The function of phagocytes is to ingest bacteria, viruses and dead cells and help in preventing disease. The ingestion of materials is called phagocytosis. While lymphocytes produce chemical called Antibodies especially in pregnant woman, which stick to the surface of germs and kill them.
   The function of leucocytes (white blood cells) is to help to defend Human body against diseases by ingesting the bacteria and virus that cause diseases. Once the White blood cells is damage by this virus, the body lacks protected against emergency diseases such as airborne diseases, then give room for other diseases to come in such as pneumonia, asthma, diabetes, e.t.c. All combined to form a single disease popularly called COVID-19. 
  The virus began to multipy using host cellular mechanisms in the process of metabolic action which eventually damage the cells and lead to death.
   COVID-19 was reported to originate in China where the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified. Then on 4 January 2020, WHO (world Health Organization) reported  on social media that there was a cluster of pneumonia cases with no deaths in Wuhan, Hubei province. Later the WHO Officials confirm a case of COVID-19 in Thailand, the first recorded case outside of China.  Report show that there was evidence of human-to-human transmission in Wuhan on 22 January 2020. Where 41 cases were confirmed. Later the virus began to spread.
    Some symptoms of the virus includes: Dry cough, sneezing, Difficult breathing (asthma), weakness, pneumonia, diabetes, e.t.c. 
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