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COVID-19 latest News; Thousands of patients with Covid-19 have been discharged into home remedies without vital tests.

Of about 25,000 patients were discharged into home care medicine for without being tested for coronavirus at the height of the pandemic disease. 

Coronavirus patient discharged

On Thursday night, MPs from both main parties condemned the conclusions of a National Audit Office (NAO) report, which found that the board of National Audit Office (NAO) policy to discharge without necessarily testing for COVID-19, despite the fact that the pandemic disease have taken all over the world in which no vaccine is yet to be discover for the viruse.

Such tests as were available were prioritised for people with respiratory or flu like symptoms the report found.

It is not known how many of the 25,000 discharged without a test between March 17 and  April 15  the day National Audit Office (NAO) England changed its advice, were infected with COVID-19.

In the month of May' the Office for National Statistics estimated that at least 15,000 care 'home residentshad' died from pandemic disease.

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