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Death of George Floyd; Trump says "this is a great day for George" as he boasts about new job figures..

Death of George Floyd

Outrage soared in America on Friday over new images of police brutality caught on camera as demonstrators sought to take mass protests over the killing of an unarmed black man into a second weekend'.

With rolling demonstrations over the death last week of George Floyd showing little sign of letting up arguments raged over the level of force officers were deploying against largely peaceful protesters.

In Buffalo' New York' two cops were suspended without pay after a video showed then pushing over a 75-year-old protester who fell and suffered a head injury'..

The governor of New York has called for major reform of the state’s policing, as he tried to quell outrage over a video which showed an elderly man being shoved by officers and left to bleed on the ground'.

"Mr Cuomo" who played the “utterly disgraceful” footage which made him physically sick to reporters gathered for a press conference in Albany said he had spoken to the victim, who was recovering from a concussion and in a stable condition'.

He said he wanted to see police disciplinary records made transparent for officers to be banned from using chokeholds on suspects and for the Attorney General to act as independent prosecutor for any police murder cases'. 

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