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Face masks must be worn on public transport from June 15

Due to the pandemic disease know as Covid-19, England has now make a decision on face mask.

English says the face  masks will be made compulsory on all public transport in England from June 15, the Transport Secretary has said'.

Travel operators could refuse to admit passengers if they are not covering their face with face mask starting from next week.

He added that the new rules will come under the National Rail conditions of travel and the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations for buses meaning British Transport Police could impose fines if people do not comply'.

Speaking at today’s Downing Street briefing Mr Shapps said; It is condition of travel. You cannot travel unless you are wearing a face mask as the vaccine is yet to be find.

'There will also be other powers so it could ultimately lead to fines. I very much hope we won't be in that situation'.

He stressed passengers do not need to wear surgical masks, but ones face mask which can be made at home.

Previously, government advice urged the public to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed places, but it was not mandatory..

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon said today she thought implementing compulsory face mask would be 'inevitable' in areas where social distancing is difficult, although she added no final decision had yet been made.  

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