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Group Details on how thirty five Nigerians Languish In Ghana jail when outlaw Arrest, involves Investigation

Group Details on how thirty five Nigerians Languish In Ghana jail when outlaw Arrest, involves Investigation
Under the facade of guardianship,
 the immigration
 officers taken vast sums of cash from 
merchants and traders among them.

The involved citizens Rights, somebody's rights organisation, has alleged that no fewer than thirty five Nigerians area unit lawlessly detained in Ghana

This was contained in an exceedingly letter its National President, Dr Olusegun Adeola, addressed  to the Chairman, African nation in Diaspora Commission (NiDCM), Abike Dabiri on Gregorian calendar month twenty six, description the plight of Nigerians in Ghana.
The letter, that was derived to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, mister Geoffrey Onyeama, Ghana High Commission and Consulate-General in African nation, aforementioned Nigerians were languishing in Aflao, a African nation border with Togo Republic.

It lamented the extent of abuse being allegedly meted to the victims on the Ghana-Togo border, wherever many voters "are presently languishing in detention with no hope of being free despite their pathetic state of affairs."

The letter urged NiDCM and therefore the Ghana High Commission and Consulate-General in Abuja and metropolis to use their smart offices to intervene and secure the immediate unharness of those pathetic Nigerians.

The letter scan partially, "Available data substantiated the actual fact that concerning thirty five Nigerians area unit presently detained; some, for over forty five days in unhealthful conditions within the arrival hall and different locations, which might higher be represented as 'concentration camps.' They sleep on clean concrete floors while not food, and with only 1 rest room for all genders.

"To build matters worse, each men and girls area unit incommodious in one camp, sleeping along in rank violation of the detention code and convention. beneath the facade of guardianship, the immigration officers taken vast sums of cash from merchants and traders among them.

"While being control uncommunicative , they were created to pay three hundred Cedis every beneath force to the immigration officers. Their phones and ECOWAS passports were taken and while not the chance of reaching bent members of their family since they left home, who might not even grasp their current whereabouts, things and circumstances.

"During the process of inquiring, we have a disposition to gathered that once some irritated ones among the detainees complained when 30 days in detention, they were engulfed and tortured. They were told their offence was getting into the Republic of Ghana unlawful, even once there was associate degree of inhibitions movement across borders as contained within the ECOWAS charter that warranted member states.

"These range of unit {people who|people that|folks that|those that|those who} have incessantly seen {ghana|Ghana|Republic of Ghana|Gold Coast|African country|African nation} as a sister country to African nation and who have antecedently been coming back in and out of Gold Coast on business journeys, basic cognitive process they are lined beneath the ECOWAS Protocol Agreements."

The cluster said despite the magnitude of the offences or crimes committed, it had been wrong for those Nigerians to be treated in such crude, brutish, savage and inhuman conditions like creating fellow kith and kin sleep on concrete floors for weeks and months while not food.

The letter noted that the victims "daily obtain their foods and a few area unit running out of cash. Their treatment has nothing to try to to with COVID-19 as a result of they need been tested and located negative for weeks and still unbroken along while not social distancing and even face masks."

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