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Lungs; Clean your lungs naturally

Lungs; Clean your lungs naturally

 What is lungs?
Lungs is a respiratory system. i.e biochemical activity of the cell in which glucose is broken-down by series of reactions controlled by enzymes to release ATP.
Respiration is of two stages
  • External respiration
  • Internal respiration
External respiration: involves the breathing in of air or oxygen into the respiratory organs such as lungs in mammals and gills in fish
Internal respiration; is when oxygen taken in is used up by individual cells in the body and diffuse out as carbon dioxide.

Some part of lungs are;
  • Bronchitis
  • Alveoli
  • Aorta
  • Trachea
  • Bronchus

Drink an infusion of ginger Always in herbal medicine, the ginger infusion is recommended to naturally clean your lungs and fortify them: it helps them get rid of mucus, toxins and various allergens. Just let 1 g of ginger powder in 250 ml of boiling water for about ten minutes. Filter and sweeten with honey if the taste of ginger is a little too "spicy".
You can drink this infusion twice a day unless you have a medical contraindication. Always seek the advice of a doctor in case of diabetes, heart disease or pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do yoga to purify and strengthen your lungs Sport for some, true alternative therapy for others - it all depends on how it is practiced - yoga can also help you purify your respiratory system. We think especially of Kapalabhati, an exercise to tone and clean the lungs of their impurities. The ideal is to practice it on an empty stomach: start by sitting comfortably, hands on the thighs and back straight.
Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose twice in a row. Next step: inhale deeply through the nose, inflating your belly as much as possible then exhale at once through the nose. Go "frankly", as if you are blowing your nose, contracting your belly! Repeat the exercise 20 times. Treat your diet to clean your lungs Adopting a diet rich in antioxidants would also help protect your lungs. It's all about putting the emphasis on fruits and vegetables in your menus: think especially about onions and grapefruit to naturally clean your lungs of nicotine and other pollutants.

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