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Man United; Paul Pogba pulled over by police

Paul Pogba pulled over by police

  Manchester United player "Paul Pogba"  was pulled over by police after driving with French number plates on his car.

 The United midfielder was travelling on Hale Road in Cheshire in his Rolls Royce after training on Thursday 19 June. On his way join, the officers used their blue lights to stop the United midfielder player. 

 The police car had been followed Pogba off the M56 motorway and pulled him over when he exited near Manchester United Airport.

 27-year  old, who is due to make his long-awaited comeback after six months. United will "Jose Mourinho" Tottenham's manger on Friday night who was the former Manchester United manager before he was sacked in 2018. Manchester United decided to sacked Jose Mourinho because they were unhappy with a lack of progress, style of play and the development of their young players. Thou jose had a lot of disagreement with Paul Pogba and Martial during his time at Manchester United. 

  Paul Pogba was asked to sit in the back of the patrol vehicle while checking his details by the police officer and his car was seized due to French number plates on the car.

 It as be on the rules and regulations of Uk "car  that has been in the UK for more than six months in a single year, must be registered with the DVLA and fitte with UK number plates.

 It is just a two-week to register a vehicle with the DVLA once it has been imported.

 Man United declined to intervene on the incident but a statement from Greater Manchester Police read: 'At around 12.55pm' police on a routine patrol in the Trafford area stopped a vehicle on Hale Road. The vehicle was seized under section 165 of the Road Traffic Act.

 The Manchester United Man has been reported for driving against the traffic law of the country. "UK'

Pogba will have to pay a £150 fine to retrieve his car within seven working days of the date on the seizure notice plus an additional £20 for each day the vehicle is held. 

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