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Politics latest News; Face mask "not a silver bullet" as science remains marginal.

Face mask wearing in public transport

Wearing face mask is 'not a silver bullet' it was admitted, ahead of new rules making them compulsory on public transport "England"  but it is an 'altruistic' thing to do has he added.

Speaking to Sky, the Transport Minister explained that scientific advice suggested wearing cloth face masks offered just 'marginal and perhaps incremental assistance'. 

Failure to comply with the new measures  being brought in from June 15, could lead to being fined and ejected from the mode of transport'. 

He said it hadn't been made compulsory until now because public transport use was down but this was expected to come back up as non_essential shops open and more students return to school from the middle of the month'.

He said; it's not a silver bullet things to do, but you're protecting those around you. So it is quite a public spirited, altruistic thing to do'.


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