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How to Create Google blogger website

How to create Google Blogger account
How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

     Definition of Blogger
  Blogger is an individual who owns a weblog (blog) and regularly writes material for a blog.
A blog in an online written journalist, base on the information you which to pass across.
Features of Blogger 
  • Post 
Post allow you to create your Content, edit, and publish it.
  • Stat
Stat is for you to check the number of traffic (visitors). And also the link that is directing them to your blog, the type of browsers, the type of phones and the country.
Below is the example of stat with the link referring them to my weblog: 
  • Earning
Earning is a place for you to be checking your revenue from Google AdSense once your website is approve by them.
  Provided you meet up with the criteria. However, the high the traffic (visitors), the more money you earn.
  • Theme
Theme is to tell you the interface of your website. Note;  you can install External theme if you've it. But the best theme is premium theme that will gives you exactly the type of interface you want and it will keep your visitors more friendly to your blog
  • Layouts
Your theme can easily be Edit using layout options if you're not good at using HTML to Edit layout is the best option for you. 

Here are some benefits of layout

1. It enable you to add share buttons which is very important to keep your visitors sharing your content (ideas) to social media.

2. Footer attributes.

3. External HTML.

4. Subscription link to keep your visitors update directly to their email account anytime you publish a New content
  • Setting
It gives you permission to inner setting of your blog. The inner setting include: Title and description of your blog, profile, Meta description, comment setting, Crawl and index. etc
  • Comment
Is to tell you the numbers of comment your visitors comment and they comment on your post
  • Page
It's also similar to Post but the only difference between the two is when categories your post is the best section to use.
   Also post will enable you to control your Content root tags to inform search engine if is available for nofollow, noodp or you may decided to use default. 

Other features are:
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Text background
  • Text color
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • HTML format
  • Insert/Edit link
  • Insert video
  • Cut
  • Text style
  • Preview
  • Emojis
  • Underline
  • Hyperlink
  • Paragraph format
  • Number list
  • Format as code
  • Clear formating
  • Left alignment
  • Right alignment
  • Quote text
  • Center alignment
  • Table
  • Justify

           Advantage of Blogger

1. Income
   Has a salary earner, having blog account is as huge support financially. In the terms of AdSense company revenue, affiliate marketing, Sponsored post. Because you're 99% sure that your money wouldn't be delay once you're eligible to withdraw.

2. Job beneficial
  Once you good at blogging, finding job is more easier because you always familiarize yourself with internet.

  A successful blog must be an expert in SEO for him/her to become pro blog. And also give you the opportunity to secure your job especially for the company that are seeking for SEO expert to help them maintain their cyber.

4. It helps to develop strong relationship with family, friends, group of people either through social media.

    Disadvantage of Blogger
1. Time consuming
2. It require a lot of data
3. It require good phone
4. More understanding in SEO
5. Feel lonely
6. Enough research

Step by step on how to create Google Blogger website with your phone.

1.Go  to your browser type in blogger

How to Create Google blogger account

2. Click on the link. It will then take you to Blogger dashboard where you will have access to create a new blogger account.
Click on the Menu at the left corner side
You will see New blog..........

How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

3. Create a New Blog

How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

4. Type in the name you wish to give to your blog but let it be unique and easy to recall
not for you, but for your visitors. Click Next
How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

5. Type in the address. Note the Subaddress you type in may not be available just like the one below. If is not available, you will need to try another one. And if is available, you're good to go
by click save.
How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

6. Click on the red symbol to create a new content
How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

7. After finished Creating your Content click publish to make it visible for your 

How to Create Google blogger account using your mobile phone

What are the things to no has a beginner.

1. Your Domain name/address name
   Domain name is always the first mistake most blog made which Keep or make them lack traffic to their blog/contents.
Example of a bad Domain/address name: "Heelthyhealthcount.blogspot.com"
Let me now ask you a question, Has a visitor to this web above, how will you remember this address tommorow.
     It will be difficult because the Address is complexity. 
Example of a Good domain name/your web address: outline.com
Hotlinepro.com, Topout.com, Topin.net, legit.com, Endless.net, Memory.xyz
Hostline.in, Topblog.co.uk etc.
   Note: the domain mentioned above may not be available (i.e already be chosen by someone/company) so choosing the right domain name/address name has a beginner is very important.

Below are the best domains
.com (global)
.net (global)
.in (global)
.co.uk (national)
.com.ng (national)
.xyz (global)

Domain company Host are;
  • Bluehost
  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy etc
2. Choosing the right Niche
     What is Niche?
 Blog Niche is an area or a specific topic you want to create content about.
Examples are: Sports, News, Technology, Entertainment, Health etc.

What are the best Niche for you has a beginner 
 A new blog is expected to work and create evergreen content. Evergreen content are the content that always  relevant to search.
   Note: Creating evergreen content with Technology, Health, SEO, History Niche is always the best. But creating evergreen content with News, Sports, is not advisable because News and Sports keep updating everyday.

  Remember to drop a comment for any assist............ 
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