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Tottenham Vs Arsenal (2-1) Spurs win the first North London Derby at their New Stadium.

    Spurs win the first North London Derby at their new home, Jose Mourinho's gameplan works perfectly.
Tottenham Vs Arsenal (2-1) Spurs win the first North London Derby at their New Stadium.

Stay tight, slow the game down, take your chances.

A huge dent in Arsenal's European aspirations, a slight upgrade for Tottenham.

Full highlight below:

90 mins+2 - Spurs 2 Arsenal 1

Saka is booked now for throwing the ball off the ground in frustration.

A completely pointless yellow card to pick up.

Arsenal don't look like they have enough left in the tank to get a result.

Spurs should be able to see this one out.

He beats a challenge and accelerates to full speed by controlling a ball out the air, Bergwijn is booked for hacking him down to stop the counter.

  And now Spurs have space to attack again!

Ceballos makes a big mistake in midfield, Son and Kane sprint away two v two but rather than pass, Son shoots. Corner.

Changes from Arteta:  Triple change from the boss... 🔛 Cedric, Willock, Nelson ↩️ Bellerin, Kolasinac, Tierney 🔵 2-1 🔴 (84)#TOTARS Do the players have enough in them to claw

Spurs seem to have all the energy all of a sudden.

  Mustafi has fallen to pieces the last 15 minutes or so.

He's making stupid decisions and playing clumsy passes.

Arsenal could be in a bit of trouble here too - Mustafi passes to Spurs, goes to ground too early defending Kane, Kane rides the challenge and shoots across

Son crosses to the near post, Tierney is meant to be man marking him but just doesn't have the strength or power to win the aerial duel.

Alderweireld flicks it to the far post and the goalkeeper can't do anything about it.

Kane times a run in behind Mustafi, Moura finds him, Martinez is off his line immediately to close it down. Corner.

Aubameyang goes close with a beautifully hit shot, striking a ball with a side foot just as it bounces off the floor, getting curl and power on it from

Lloris gets across to turn it behind for a corner.

Ceballos works hard to win the ball back then passes it straight out for a throw.

That kind of sums up this entire game.

Spurs have had a couple of promising attacking chances since the water break.

It's as if they've been waiting patiently this whole game to now bring the heat as Arsenal are lulled into a false state of calmness.

Moura has just run into space on the left wing again and put a teasing ball into the area that nobody attacks.

Mustafi forgets his training and dives in on Kane just outside the area, he sets up Son for a shot inside six yards but Son can't finish as the

goalkeeper flies off his line to makes things safe.

  Saka has come on for Pepe and has brought a little spark to the Arsenal attack.

And now it's time for the drinks break.

This game has really cooled down, could really do with some substitutions to liven things up.

Arsenal are in control of possession - 61.4 per cent at the moment - but that doesn't mean Spurs don't have control of the game.

Arteta's team finding it difficult to create any genuine chances, Spurs letting them do the work then winning the ball.

The extra 48 hours recovery that Arsenal have had is going to start being relevant quite soon.

Pepe's one-footedness allows Moura to read where he's going, steal the ball and break.

Pepe has to race to get back... and of course he fouls him.

Arteta is still clapping and urging his strikers to keep up the high press.

This game is being played at about 80 per cent levels of intensity/passion/energy.

It suits Arsenal's patient buildup play and having reached the final third, they do well to work it into Aubameyang on the shoulder of Aurier... and HITS THE BAR!

He puts his foot through a shot but he pings back off the goal, Arsenal win a free-kick on the edge of the box in the ensuing scramble.

Spurs have absolutely no desire to press high, so Arsenal are just tapping it about, patiently building a move from the back and then into Spurs' half.

Xhaka wins space with a fake shot, fires a pass into Bellerin, and he wins a corner while trying to finish from a narrow angle.

  Ceballos tricks two defenders with a back heel through to Pepe, who lifts a ball into the area that is easy to get away.

He needed to drill that one low but only has one foot, meaning his only real option was chipping it towards big centre-backs.

Winks should be booked for a shirt pull and little kick at Ceballos to stop him dancing through the middle of Spurs' midfield, but he gets away with it.

Lesson learned: pull shirts and kick midfielders until told not to.

Moura has space to attack, Mustafi gives him a yard and shows him wide, stays on his feet, forces the corner.

I'm about to say something that may shock you.

Xhaka has just hit a pass so badly that I thought he was kicking it out because of an injury. Nope.

  A fairly calm start to the half otherwise.

Like I said earlier, having fans in would make this feel a lot more intense but I'm really enjoying being able to watch these games without a crowd.

I like hearing the managers, the cheer from players when they score and even the thump of the ball.

Makes it feel a little bit more like Sunday League.

Lacazette is booked for a revenge hack on Lo Celso, Pepe shows unbelievable awareness and skill to turn on the spot and evade a challenge, earning Davies a yellow

card as he clumsily collides with him when trying to stop the counter.

Pepe has another chance to attack, Tierney is in miles of space on the opposite wing... but he tries to feed Aubameyang and gives possession away.

  Pepe works himself space to shoot on the edge of the area but again doesn't get quite the power or placement that he wants.

I think this is one of the first PL games I've watched since the restart where the absence of fans is genuinely noticeable on the tempo of play, the He goes for a knuckleball, Lloris dives but the shot was struck off target.

Pepe takes on Davies and beats him with a bit of skill and balance, keeps running towards the box and wins the free-kick on the edge of the area.

  Aurier is booked for correcting a mistake by hacking down Lacazette.

He is all over the place today, honestly wouldn't be surprised if Mourinho hooks him at half time.

  The free-kick comes to nothing so all is well.

  Martin Tyler has just suggested that hairdressers are so in demand that they may earn more than Premier League footballers, referencing Dani Ceballos, who was a trainee hairdresser at

He's miles out but just fancies a hit, connects perfectly and the ball flies towards the top corner.

Martinez gets fingers to it and just deflects the ball enough to hit the frame of the goal, another Spurs player is caught offside straight after and the move ends.

  And as I type that, Pepe very nearly scores one himself.

He runs through the middle of the pitch, opens up his body to shoot when next to the D, but sends a powerful shot wide of the post.

Bellerin boots a cross out for a goal kick but Aurier follows it then kills the ball dead when it lands on the line.

It's obviously a corner - what was he thinking?

Kolasinac has just given possession away with another misplaced pass.

This time he sells Tierney short and Spurs can come forward.

Arsenal have five players in a line across their attack when building up play from the back.

The wing-backs are so advanced that they've got numerical advantage on the Spurs back four.

Both managers will have a chance to correct any errors they've spotted.

Aurier, Kolasinac and Pepe need to wake up.

Neither side defending particularly well, leaving space for attackers to stand in and receive the ball.

  A mistake by Kolasinac and Son is in!

"Heung-Min Son capitalises on poor Arsenal defending to level for Spurs!

Kolasinac's pass back to Luiz is awful, the centre-back is wrong-footed and forced to chase the rapid Son, who does really well to finish.

I have my suspicions that Aurier might not be first choice right-back next season if Mourinho gets to start rebuilding this team.

The way he lost the 50/50 was the antithesis of how Mourinho wants his sides to play.

A thunderbolt from Alexandre Lacazette which put Arsenal ahead!

Aurier loses a 50/50, the ball drops to Lacazette and he just decides to hit it early, smashing a rocket into the top corner.

Lloris dives but can't get close enough to turn it away!

Ceballos is pushed to the floor by Lo Celso off the ball, or rather, gets a hand on his chest from Lo Celso and goes down as though savagely attacked.

The referee sees the whole thing and doesn't care.

  Great attacking play by Bellerin on the right, as he draws in two tackles but just accelerates away from both of them.

A low cross is fizzed in, Aubameyang attacks it at the near post but kicks thin air.

Tierney receives at the far post and tries a Hollywood top corner finish, putting it wide.

Kane is taking up some good positions today, actually getting beyond the last man and running onto passes rather than dropping deep.

  Kane has scored in his last four consecutive NLDs, but has just been denied by Martinez at close range.

Pepe's mistake allows Spurs to break, a brilliant ball across the defence from Moura lands at Kane's feet and he tries it lift it over the goalkeeper, who as it

turns out, is a lot taller than anyone had realised.

What a ball by Tierney, and an equally impressive bit of defending by Alderweireld.

The ball is whipped in hard to the near post, Lacazette just needs to put placement on it with his head but the centre-back reads the play and powers

Mourinho is up on his feet encouraging players, applauding Sissoko for the idea if not execution of a short pass to Aurier, knocking it out for a throw.

Xhaka doesn't put enough on a pass to Tierney and Sissoko intercepts, bursting up the wing until Tierney catches him, faces up and presses.

If one player understands how Arteta wants to play, it is Tierney.

Arteta has already started with the constant yelling of "LACA!

" to get his striker into the right positions.

Tierney has been busy running up and down the left wing as well.

I think Spurs are actually in a 4-4-2.

Sissoko is wide right anyway, with Moura on the left wing.

That may change when in possession of course.

Attacking start from Spurs, and an early mistake from David Luiz, who takes too long on the ball and is robbed of it, with Moura shooting at goal.

Kane tries a long shot from distance but is blocked.

Mourinho has told his team to get at Arsenal.

The first ever North London Derby at Spurs' new stadium kicks off!

Arsenal are definitely in a 3-4-3, the big change that Nicolas Pepe is in for Saka at right inside-forward.

  Sky Sports have Spurs down as a 4-4-2 but I suspect it will be a 4-3-3, with Moura and Son the wide forwards.

Sissoko will need to be busy preventing Ceballos from having an influence.

Will the lack of fans mean a lack of intensity?

Jamie Redknapp reckons there still will be and he's played these games before.

  Here's an excellent read from Sam Dean, a great journalist and a lovely man.

And here's a taster: At the time, Unai Emery’s tenure was coming to an unhappy end.

Other people were being considered and Jose Mourinho, according to this particular story, 

No such meeting ever took place, the club said.

Sanllehi and Jose Mourinho have not even spoken for some years, let alone dined unitedly

Firstly, it seems they are following the social distance rule to distance themselves from suggestions they were meeting potential candidates while Arsenal manger was still in his post.

Along with, that it is hard to avoid the sense 

that they were also keen to distance themselves Tottenham boss "Jose Mourinho" 

  A live action photo of Teddy Sheringham and the chap above singing 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin.

The chemistry is what makes the performance so special.

I can pass you the ball, Sliding tackles from kick off, Tell me princess now when did you last let your coach decide, I can open your eyes, Take

a series of corners, Over crossbars and under, On a Jan Vertonghen ride, A whole new Spurs, A new fantastic point of view, But when I'm way up here, It's

crystal clear, That Eric Dier is coming up the stairs to attack us quick lads run!

  Quite a clever way to get pre-match interviews with players in the lockdown world.

Just ask them to Facetime or film a video saying the usual.

Here's Granit Xhaka's POWERFUL words: I know how important this is for you guys.

We've been training so hard, it's a big game, we want to give you the three points.

What a game we have to enjoy today.

Two city rivals, two clubs in transition, two managers with an awful lot to navigate and a match with even more riding on it.

Whoever wins this game has a chance of European football next season, the loser can effectively write it off.

In terms of form it is clearly Arsenal who come into this game with the advantage and without fans to roar on Spurs, there's not really any benefit to

The stadium is brilliant, flashy and new, Spurs' performances are anything but.

I wrote about Spurs' tactical problems, specifically the nomadic Harry Kane and how his wandering causes shape problems that effect other parts of the team in this article here:

As you'd imagine, I'd recommend giving that a wee read before this match kicks off.

It's not that either manager is doing anything magical or wrong, but their differing methods are evident in how the teams actually play.

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