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10 Most dangerous Snakes on Earth.

   Snakes are reptiles with scales. These animals are wild species most especially South Africa and India.

  20% of Snakes barely lives in water while 80% lives in land. Snakes can easily adapt to environmental condition they find themselves.  

   They're categorized further apart from their distinct physical features and species but also by their dangers. 99% of Snakes possess venom

Venom is the poisonous possessed by Snakes majorly use as a source of predator over other animals including human.

  The venom penetrate into the blood stream then to the heart which later attack the left ventricle within some seconds.

  Left ventricle; One of the four chambers of the heart of humans and other mammals, which receives oxygenated blood from the left atrium and pumps it out through the aorta.

Despite this negative side, snakes are more often used as tourist attraction. This due to there distinct features.

Below the most dangerous Snakes also the most beautiful Snakes on Earth;

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