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EED Past questions for ND 2 (National Diploma)

 Entrepreneurship Education for Polytechnics and Monotechnics in Nigeria past questions.


                     PART B (ND 2) National Diploma.

1. Motivation start with ---- , ---- and ----- to achieve the seemingly impossible. 

2. Money is not a goal but it is a ______

3. ------ and ------ are the elements of motivation.

4. Learn how to learn simply means _____

5. Your belief must meet your organization goals as well as _____

6. Your mission statement must be a short statement, not more than one or ________

7. Short-term thinking, fear of ridicule, and fatigued leaders are the major demerits to _______

8. _______ is when people engage in an activity, without obvious external incentives.

9. The most obvious form of motivation is ________

10. A person, who is emotional intelligence but lack of initiating the intelligence as a result of _______ 

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Note: each part carries 10 questions.

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