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EED past questions for ND2 part C

    Entrepreneurship Development Centre EED Past Questions.


            PART C ND2 National Diploma

1. ______ is a person who habitually create something recognized value around perceived opportunities.

2. Describe the output of the creation simply means ______.

3. _______ and _____ are environmental factors affecting Entrepreneur.

4. Behavioural characteristics belongs to _________ factors of Entrepreneur.

5. Doing what you want with your life means ________.

6. ______ is the freedom from control of others.

7. _______ and _____ are the demerits of self employed.

8. _______ are the three important people's contact in a small business.

9. _____, ______ and _____ are the three categories of BOI.

10. _____ is one of the factor that affect small business.

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