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PART D EED PAST Questions for National Diploma

National Diploma EED PAST Questions for ND 2

1. _____ is a producible items altered from the original State to a desired advanced state thereby creating specific value for it users.

2. _____ is the process of getting things done through people in an effective and efficient manner.

3. Anything that can be offered to a market for attention, use or consumption refers to______

4. ____ is a set of activities undertaken by one or more persons in order to coordinate the activities of others

5. The transformed of input into output in advanced state refers to ______

6. When a new product is to be produced, a company usually uses a defined _______ and ________

7. The origin of a new product idea is usually generated through ______ and ______

8. Companies, mass media, Skills/experience, Brainstorm, Creativity all sources of _____

9. ____ is necessary for successful achievement of project objective

10. Facts are the ______ and _____ are the hypotheses.

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