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What are Calories and how many Calories do I need to eat per day

   What are Calories?


  Calories are sources of energy gain from food and drinks as people consume them.
   It is important to know that many people are fat not only because of Genetics, Hereditary or Health Condition but the amount of calories they consume per day makes them fat.
   In order one, people who are slim or are not fat, not because of the Hereditary, environmental factors, Genetics, neither health condition but the amount of calories in which they're supposed to be taking per day is not enough.

   Note; Environmental factors is the most important aspect of healthy which includes: mental thinking or Condition, Nutrition Consumptions, Calories e.t.c
   In some nutritional food and drinks, for example Coal as 2 kilograms of calories, which approximately 14,000,000 of calories. That is, 1 kilogram (1kg) of coal contain 7,000,000 of calories. Therefore 25kg of coal will contains 35,000,000 of Calories.

  Two types of Calories

  • Small calorie
  • Large Calorie
   A small Calorie is the total energy demand to raise the temperature of 1 gram of H2O by 33.8° Fahrenheit (1° Celsius).
   A large Calorie: "it is know as Kcal" is the total energy demand to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of H2O by 33.8° Fahrenheit.

 How many Calories Human being needs per day

  At least a normal human being needs 2,700 kilocalorie Calories per day for  a Man and 2,200 kilocalorie of calories for a woman. 
  But the metabolism that burn off energy in human being are different, therefore not everyone required the same amount of Calories in kilocalorie. The amount are different base on the metabolism.

  The condition of intake calories depends on different factors Such as;

  • Agent
  • Health Condition
  • Environmental factors
  • Body weight loss
  • Body weight Gain
  • Sex
  • Genetics
  • Metabolic action
  Human being needs Calories to survive. In order word Human being needs nutritional food for Healthy. Without Calories/energy, 95% of the cell in human body would die. Especially Organs such as:
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
   And also tissue, all these would not be able to carry out there normal daily activities anymore. It is important to also know that consuming excess of calories or too low will definitely after human health. 

      Components of calorific value in food

  • 1gram of protein contains four (4 kilocalorie). Therefore, 2 gram equivalent to 8 kilocalorie (8 kcal).
  • 2 gram of fat contains 18 kilocalorie (18 kcal).
  • 4 gram of carbohydrates contains 16 kilocalorie (16 kcal).

For example, a food contains 58g of fat, 23.2g of protein and 62.1g of carbohydrates. Calculate the amount of calories in each components.

 Note; 1gram of fat equivalent to 9kcal
            1g of protein equivalent to 4kcal
            1g of carbohydrates equivalent to 4kcal

Fat; 58g
58 × 9 = 522kcal

Protein: 23.2g
23.2 × 4 = 92.8kcal

Carbohydrates; 62.1g
62.1 × 4 = 248.4kcal

When should I eat to get adequate and appropriate calories?

  The time at which human being intake their breakfast and dinner is really crucial, a research shows that eat late at night, may result to undigested food which may lead to a disease called; Constipation.
   And also eat late breakfast may lead to alcer... Consuming more fruit in the morning tend to give you more and adequate calories needed for human body. It is important to know that suger contains high rate of calories.

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