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60 possible EED Past Questions for National Diploma year 2


 1. ____ and ____ are the two factors that activate behavior that is aimed at a goal.

2. _____ is the financial plan details how to accomplish your goals.

3. Key components of personal finance is _____

4. Personal liability includes _____

5. P2P simply means _____

6. The act of preserving money for future purpose means _____

7. _____ is the first and foremost important to become a business owner.

8. Full meaning of FADU, and where can it be found.

9. The organization responsible for guiding and advising Entrepreneur is ______

10. _____ is the extended to clients through formal financial institutions.

11. _____ is the money you owe your suppliers who permit you to carry investory on open account.

12. Full meaning of DFIs, FEAP, NGOs, and IFAD

13. NERFUND, NBCI and NIDB all belongs to _____

14. The main source of equity financing for most entrepreneurs is their _____

15. Types of loan, capability, repayment period, purpose of loan, Guarantor all _____

16. _____ is the major instrument used by any lending institution to decide whether the loan applicant deserves a loan.

17. ______ measured by its impact on the earnings of the present owners.

18. _____ is an idea that is translated into a planned and implemented activity.

19. ____ and ____ are the two basic classification of Enterprises

20. Full length of ISIC, NEXIM, CMD and RMRDC.

21. The favourable challenge posed by the environment which may lead to an entrepreneur is ______

22. Scanning of environment and industries means _____

23. Conduct Self_appraisal means____

24. ____ are those things that are cogs in the wheel of progress.

25. ____ is the response of a person or organization in solving on defined problem or to meet the needs of environment.

26. The first step of transforming entrepreneur desire into business opportunity is _____

27.  _____, _____ and ____ are great sources of business idea

28.  _____ is anything that can be offered to a market for use or consumption

29. The starting point of being an entrepreneur and developing a new venture is _____

30. One of the method used by entrepreneur to help generate and test new idea is _____

31. ____ is an organization that is in the process of setting up license requirements for certain kinds of business.

32. _____ is the body in Nigeria responsible for food and pharmaceutical products Manufacturing.

33. ____ is the best way for a producers to learn about their customer's needs.

 34.  _____ is the organizational code that helps in classification of enterprises

35.  NEXIM stimulate export _____ to _____

36.  _____ is the ability of finding the right people with the right stills, potential and fitness.

37. _____ building up due structure, materials and human of the Enterprise.

38. _____ is the post in an organization that must decide which method is appropriate in different situations.

39. Whenever people engage in business also ________

40. _____ is considered to be the actual marketing activity.

41. _____  consists of buyers who differ in one or many characteristics.

42. The basics approach needed by a business or marketing to achieve its Goal/objectives is ______

43. ______ and ______ are important for business strategy

44. The uses of most appropriate media is to _____

45. The providing of information about business through promotion, advertisement or direct connection refers to _______

46.  Buyers who are differ either by geographic, demographic or psychological can refers to as _______

 47. Market research conduct ______

48. _____ and _____ are two types of marketing control

49. _____ is the entrepreneur monitors the current marketing effort and result to ensure that sale and profit goals will be achieved.

50. A meeting with a customer should begin with ________

51. _____ is responsible for turning raw material into goods with the help of workers and equipment.

52. Three major productivity factors are ____________

53. Letter "O" in the acronym of BOI stand for ________

54. Use value is ________

55. An entreprises with investment Capital of 101-300 workforce can be classified as _____

56. Business idea is ______

57. In SWOT analysis, ______________ are possible area of exploitation

58. __________, ___________ and _________ are three elements of motivation

59. ___________ is one of the marketing tools

60. List the two types of internal productivity factors.

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