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EED Past Questions Answers for National Diploma year 2


 1. Drive and desire

2. Creating a plan

3. Financial planning

4. Car, house, clothes, stock and bank account

5. Person to person

6. Saving

7. Self-funding

8. FADU (Farmers Development Union)

9. EDAs (Enterprise Development agencies)

10. Formal model

11. Trade Credit

12. DFIs (Development Financial institution), FEAP ( Family Economic Advancement programme), NGOs (Non-government Organization), 

IFAD (international financial institutions and donor), 

13. BOI (Bank of industry)

14. Personal Savings

15. Condition necessary in applying for a business loan

16. Business plan

17. Cost

18. Wide context

19. Sectoral and Size

20. ISIC (International Standard Industry Code), CMD (Center for Management Development), NEXIM (Nigeria Export-import Bank), RMRDC (Raw material Research and Development Council). 

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