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Chelsea Vs Tottenham Spurs (Thomas Tuchel Vs Jose Mourinho) on Thursday... Press conference

​🎙Thomas Tuchel's Full Pre-Tottenham Press Conference :


🔵 Thomas Tuchel: "It's Tottenham against #Chelsea, not me against Jose. I am very happy to compete with a strong team against his side, with a squad with our quality, mentality and the atmosphere we're in right now."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel: "Was he [Jose] a role model? Honestly, when I started my career he was so far away, like the moon from the earth. I was coaching in an academy and was then promoted, from there on I just enjoyed every day."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel: "I have no doubts he is one of the best managers in the world and has created a squad at Tottenham that is always competitive, very strong. That is the challenge."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel on Spurs: "With the new stadium, they've entered a new level of clubs. They are one of the biggest clubs in Europe and England for sure."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel on Harry Kane: "I would say it's always easier if Harry Kane is not playing, that is a given. Harry Kane is one of the best number nines in the world, a role model number nine that every coach and team wishes for."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel: "Are you in the right press conference?" [A lot of Spurs based questions to start off with.]

🔵 Thomas Tuchel on dealing with Timo Werner: "With every player, and all strikers, we try to create a bond and a relationship. Every guy is different, need something different. Some need you close, others like to be alone. So we find out what suits him to feel comfortable and to open up. We want him to feel comfortable on the pitch and it's our responsibility to create moments for him.

🔵 Thomas Tuchel on Mason Mount: "I don't know where his limits are. He cares a lot about #Chelsea, he cares a lot about his teammates, he is leaving his heart on the pitch. If you train with Mason, he gives 100% every minute and this is the best level to grow. It's the best situation to start and the best situation to become a top, top player. He has everything needed to reach higher and higher levels. I don't know where his limits are but right now we will push him and support him. What makes me very happy is he is a nice guy, an open guy. He has a positive aura and energy in the dressing room and it's a real pleasure to work with the whole team and Mason."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel on quality of squad: "I am very pleased with the behaviour and the atmosphere we have right now. We have to be focused and keep on going because this is exactly how it should be to grow as a team."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel: "I love the pizza and spaghetti bolognaise."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel: "If we win against Tottenham, maybe I prefer a gin and tonic. I'm not a beer or a wine guy."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel on academy: "I watched the in-house match of the 18 years olds and they are on a high level. It's a pleasure to work with them because they have the quality and the physical ability to handle the Premier League. I am very pleased all the #Chelsea boys in the squad are aware of the challenge. It does something to you character and approach to games in training."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel on Jose Mourinho and Spurs: "The challenge for us is to beat them. We are very excited to have these challenges."

🔵 Thomas Tuchel confirms Kai Havertz and Kurt Zouma are doubts after issues on the training pitch today

🔵 Finally, responding to the recent racist abuse received by Reece James online, Tuchel insists the player has received total support from him and the club. 'I'm 1000% on his side,' he adds.

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