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Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappé, Real Madrid eye on Haaland but willing to make vinicius as a swap deal to reduce the price for Mbappé


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  Real madrid hoping to land Dortmund striker Erling Haaland this summer, but at the same time, the club wish to sign kylian Mbappe whose contract expires in June 2022.

   Mbappe was one of the major player target by pérez but his plan to sign him last summer was rules out by the pandemic and the economic consequences.

   Pérez still hoping to see kylian Mbappé playing at the Santiago Bernabeu and if there's any chance of making their dream come true, they'll.

  However, according to Spanish daily ABC, PSG have accepted they'll lose one of their key players this summer as he'll yet to since new contract with the club.

Mbappé and Vinicius.

Mbappé will not renew with PSG

  According to Spanish daily ABC, PSG already know kylian Mbappé may not renew his contract with the club, which expires in June 2022. 

   The world Cup winner has rejected many attempt by PSG to extend his contract with them.

   Mbappé believes something that's more ambitious projects for his career in all senses could happen, with madrid expected to be more likely suit.
    If kylian insisted to accept a new offer, the window of 2021 will be the last chance for PSG to bring in cash from his transfer, but the club are said to want £225 for the sell of their biggest star player but madrid could find a way of reducing the price.

Vinicius, could form part of Mbappé deal

   Madrid could make vinicius as an alternative to reduce the price of kylian Mbappé by making vinicius as a swap deal in the process.

 According to ABC, Paris saint Germain will be happy to request for the vinicius Junior in the deal, If the move for the Brazilian from Real Madrid to PSG is agreed, that could eventually reduce the price of kylian Mbappé from £225m to £165m, a saving of £60m.

  According to transfer website transfer-market, junior vinicius is valued at around £40m.

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