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FC Porto renewed Pepe and Sergio Oliveira's contract and they're set to renew Otavio and Moussa Marega's contract.


   FC Porto are set to work on the contract extension of Otavio and their Striker Moussa Marega, both of them become free agent at the end of the season.

    But the club president "pinto da Costa has confirmed the extension of contract, meaning both will not open to a new challenge.

   Porto are currently in the quarter-final of the Champions league, the club president pinto is brave to give the team consistency looking good ahead of next Season.

    Da Costa said: the club have told Moussa Marega that we're ready to extend his contract but we're awaiting to meet his agent,who has not been able to travel because of COVID-19 pandemic.

  However, we're currently in talk with winger "Otavio's agent over his contract extension and almost reaching agreement.


  But the club have already renewed Pepe and Sergio Oliveira's contract. 

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