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Jose Mourinho not confident of his team despite leading 2-0 against Zagreb in the Europe league


   Tottenham Hotspur are currently in eight position of the English Premier league with twelve matches remaining, the club still hoping top four finish this season. 



  Indeed, the Club seems to have only two consistence players this campaign in their last match defeat to Arsenal 2-1 with a fantastic finishing skill by lamalla before Emirates side take the lead, was obvious that without Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, the club will not go far in the table.



Spurs are playing Dinamo Zagreb on Thursday in the second leg of the Europe league with a 2-0 victory (2-0) aggregate.

  However, Jose Mourinho is not confident of his team follow the awful performance against Arsenal.

   Tottenham boss said: despite leading 2-0 in the first leg against Dinamo Zagreb, the match is not over yet, I don't think it's a good lead.

  The best way to approach the match is for us to think we still have work at hand to get a positive results will needed.

  But, if we lost the match and still qualify, I'll not be happy, we don't go there to defend the 2-0 lead. We go there to try and take the victory.

   Tottenham confirm his front man will be available for tomorrow match.


  When asking jose about the defeat in the derby against Arsenal:

    I'm not in position to discuss this with you, it's all about analysing the causes for the poor performance. I know we didn’t deserve to win because we didn't play well at." said Mourinho

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