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Jose Mourinho sees Harry kane emulating Real Madrid Striker Benzene



  Tottenham head Coach "Jose Mourinho" admit Kane is maturing in a comparable manner to one previously made as a france striker Karim Benzema,  with Jose Mourinho's supernatural frontman turning into more of a “nine-a-half” than a leading striker.

   The 27-year-old remains one of the most fearsome finishers in the Current football era, with [Two hundred and fourteen] 214 efforts recorded in 324 appearances for Tottenham Spurs.

   The England international player has, however, began to drop a little deeper of late and jose Mourinho sees identical between that positional shift and Real Madrid Striker "Karim Benzema"

   who has scored 78 goals in his last three years in all Competitions together at Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho Comments;

  Tottenham manager said of his striker "Harry Kane" heading into a north London derby date with Arsenal on Sunday: “At this point of football, you see Harry Kane, you see Karim Benzema who is 33 now.

   They're very good, they drop back, they assist so they can transform their match, and later in their career instead of turning into the frontman target [Striker]. 

   They turn out to be the nine-and-a-half between the nine and the 10, and [can] they've football until they want.

   However, it is too early at 27-year-old to think about that. “I've been fortunate to work with great players with great ambitions and it's impossible to have a career like mine without players with ambition.

   Harry Kane has that, he is such a player with ambition, no doubt that indeed, he wants to win matches, win tittles, Kane is fully committed with to Tottenham and his national team.

   “He's such a very great example of a top professional striker and Kane's a good example for everybody.” 


Harry Kane's record in 2020-21

    The club have once again looked towards a home-grown alternative star for inspiration this campaign, with Harry’s absence making things hard whenever he's laid low via injury or suspension.

   Kane has continued to committed in the final third, with 26 shots on target in 37 appearances in all competitions this season with his brace recorded on his most recent Europa League against D.Zagreb.

How long can Kane keep going?

  An 8 season as a regular at the club is being taken in by the England international Captain who has also scored 32 goals for his country.

   He's showing no sign of slowing down his football career and a step backwards from leading the line up could see Mourinho's side behind.

   Jose Mourinho said: “You would've to ask him! It depends on what he wants to do.

   I guess it's a little bit early to start thinking about that. I guess he's just enjoys his football and when a striker is just that kind of striker that can only play in that position,

   it's often difficult because when they lose that emotional of the younger people it's a little bit difficult for them, because then they've nothing.

  “But these players get improving has time goes on and with experience and understanding of the match.”

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