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Manchester United are set to Sign Sporting Lisbon forward Pedro Goncalves, as an alternative signing to Jadon Sancho



   Manchester United are currently looking for an alternative player after missing out Jason Sancho from Dortmund.

   The club are monitoring Sporting Lisbon forward "pedro Goncalves this summer as a possible alternative.

  Indeed, United needs two or more professional players, to strengthen Ole's team especially striker, since the departure of Romelo Lukaku in hoping that Martial could deliver for the Club.

   However, he lacks the ability which seeing the club go for another top striker from PSG "Cavani" and since he joined the club, he has only feature in few matches due to injuries.

 Bruno Fernandes Statistics in 2020/21

    Bruno Fernandes has been the most consistence player at Old Trafford since he joined the club. Fernandes has played 29 matches, 39 shots on target out of 59 shots and has 16 Goals for United in the premier league this season.

Pedro Goncalves Statistics in 2020/21

   Pedro Goncalves has been a key player for Sporting Lisbon this season, helped the club to win a first primeira liga trophy with 10 points clear at the top of the table since 2002, Pedro scoring 15 goals in 22 appearances in his first season at the Sporting.



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