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Rui Patricio is now recovering at home after a head collision with his Captain's knee "Coady"


 Wolverhampton Goalkeeper is now recovering at home after a collision with his defender "Conor Coady" in attempted to stop Mohammed Salah from scoring.

   The match between Liverpool and wolves ended 1-0 defeated to wolves on Monday night which was scored by his former teammate "Diogo Jota".

    The incident happened in the 86th mins of the match when the Portuguese was accidentally struck in the head by coady's knees.

   Report told Sky sports that Rui Patricio was recovering well and did not need much treatment in the club hospital, and he was drove home, but there will be proper monitored as wolves strictly follows all post concussion rules.



Wolves manager "Nuno Espirito Santo" Said; Patricio's Okay, he's totally conscious, he's aware of what happened, so the medical personnel said he's good.

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